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Temporary Trials
Photo: Juan Tello
I was just putting my belt and shoes back on when the airport security agent approached me holding the black pocketbook. “Your wife sent this over, and said you need to take it back to your vehicle,” she explained with an apologetic half smile. We had been attempting to take my 12-year-old niece through security at the local airport.  We wanted to say our last good-byes right at the gate, but with three children of our own and both parents involved, it had turned out to be quite a challenge.

I bristled at the thought of taking my daughter’s pocketbook (which was full of everything the airport had banned like lip gloss and lotion,) back to our car. Not because it was such a big deal, but because I would then have to come back through the congested security line…again! The security agent could sense my frustration and attempted to explain. “It’s O.K.” I manage to say. “You’re just doing your job.”

I smiled weakly, but I was frustrated. Frustrated at the prospect of standing behind another line of people so I could again place my belongings in a gray tub and walk through a metal detector. Frustrated at the fact that we had already been at the airport longer than I could remember prior to a flight But mostly, frustrated that we have to live in a world where it’s so necessary to do all these things just to say good-bye to someone who came to visit.

Don’t misunderstand me; I agree with security measures that help protect us from flying the potential “unfriendly” skies, but I have to admit, I’m quite weary of it all. I’m tired of living in a world where so many people hate so many other people; where everything has to be checked and re-checked to make sure that someone isn’t carrying some potentially explosive substance onboard. It has reached a point where it seems that everything and everybody is suspect, and at times it gets downright discouraging.

No Security Measures Needed

During these moments of emotional defeat, the only thing that keeps me going is the thought that even though it’s often frustrating to live in our world…it’s only temporary. If the scriptures are correct, it won’t be long now until all these emotionally draining things are in the past, and we can live in a place where the need for security measures will no longer exist.

The Bible says that a place is being prepared, where none of these things will be necessary or welcome. No more terrorism, no more hate, no more fear. When I experience days such as the one I recently had at the airport, it’s the only thing that keeps me going…but it’s enough.

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