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Purple People Bridge
Photo: Kenn Kiser
The adventurous at heart should definitely plan a trip to Cincinnati, Ohio. The Purple People Bridge is a pedestrian-only walkway over the Ohio River and connects downtown Cincinnati with Northern Kentucky.

As awe-inspiring as it is to walk across the bridge, now adventurers of all ages can climb to the top of the span. The Purple People Bridge Cl!mb, the first of its kind in the United States and the northern hemisphere, opened this spring. It adds a whole new meaning to the term “city view."

Rivaled only by attractions in Sydney and Brisbane, Australia, and Auckland, New Zealand, the Purple People Bridge Cl!mb provides a bird’s eye view of the Northern Kentucky and downtown Cincinnati areas – all from nearly 150 feet in the air.

According to a news release posted on its web site, the 2,670-foot bridge was originally built in 1872. In 2003, it underwent a $4 million renovation and “re-opened as the country’s longest, pedestrian-only walkway connecting two cities in two states - Newport, Kentucky, and Cincinnati, Ohio. Its unique moniker comes from the fact that the bridge is painted a very distinct shade of purple making it easily recognizable. The bridge is owned by Southbank Partners, a non-profit group promoting economic development in Northern Kentucky’s river cities. . . ."

Purple People Bridge Cl!mb

The Purple People Bridge Cl!mb is for the young, old and everyone in between. Starting at the foot of the Purple People Bridge at Newport on the Levee, climbers will embark upon a unique journey that takes them up among the upper trestles of the bridge’s five spans. At the apex of the bridge, climbers walk out onto a glass floor suspended directly over the Ohio River. Climbers also will be taken on a path underneath the bridge near the Ohio side to get a close-up look at its architecture.

“To ensure the safety of the participants, each will be outfitted with a special climb suit that is secured to the bridge with a fall-restraint safety system. Climbers also will be provided with state-of-the-art headsets that use bone conduction technology, transmitting sound to the inner ear through the bones of the skull. This allows participants to hear an experienced guide share stories about the bridge’s history and structure and anecdotes of the region’s distinct role in Ohio River history, while still hearing ambient sounds.

“If standing at the top of the 150-foot bridge isn’t a big enough adrenaline rush, participants can experience one of the unique theme climbs offered throughout the year.

“For the action adventurer, Code Name Purple Cl!mb is a spy-themed mission in which climbers search for clues about buildings, area history, the river and more. Another sure hit is the When Pigs Fly Cl!mb, offering a unique perspective on the annual Flying Pig Marathon. Climbers will be suited up in pink “pig” outfits - complete with wings!

“For those who like to pair over-the-top adventures with top-of-the-line cuisine, La Traversee des Ponts des Saveurs with Jean Robert de Cavel will whet the palate. Translated as ‘the savory crossing of bridges,’ Chef de Cavel has created a masterpiece for this special climb package which features a menu built on famous cities with famous bridges from around the world.” 

For more details about Cl!mbs, check this link: www.PurplePeopleBridgeClimb.com  

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