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Tithe - a Big Deal?
Photo: Marcelo Moura
Q:  Do I have to give tithe and offerings? As a college student I only get like $8 an hour. Besides, I’m saving for a mission trip!

A:  You’re going on a mission trip? That’s so cool! Those $8 per hour you make are worth millions of miles to the people you’re going to help on your trip.

Tithe and offerings are actually a very important aspect of your life as a Christian. It’s not just money. It’s a question of loyalty and attitude. Let me explain.

1) Loyalty. When you tithe, you’re recognizing God as your boss. But a really nice boss, though, because he gives you everything you have! He’s just asking a little amount back, so you don’t forget from whom your wealth (yeah, even $8) comes. Also, it’s like telling him: “I trust you’re going to take care of my needs. I don’t know how I’m gonna make it, but hey, you’re in control.”

2) Attitude. If loyalty determines who we serve, attitude determines how we serve. The offerings make a total difference. Picture this – you go to Pizza Hut and they serve you the best pizza you’ve ever tried in your life. Plus, the waiter served you like royalty. I bet your tip will be generous and you’ll give it to him with a big smile on your face.

You get the point, right? Happy Christian equals cheerful giving,

Josue’s Pick

“Money Management for College Students” by Larry Burkett & Todd Temple

Hands On

You should give tithe even from the money you’re earning for your mission trip.

Even the Levites (they lived from the tithe of the other tribes) were to tithe! (Numbers 18:21-28)

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