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Plugged In
Photo: Hannah Boettcher
Last summer, my kids and I drove my daughter’s vehicle from Southern California to the Phoenix area where we left it parked in the family garage. When I returned a month later and put the key in the ignition to run some errands, I was surprised when nothing happened – absolutely nothing.

After a three-hour wait (apparently there were a lot of stranded vehicles that day), AAA arrived to charge the battery. I let the car idle approximately 15 minutes before attempting to back it out of the driveway.  As I slipped it into reverse, it died again and would not restart. After another call to AAA, and another jump, from a neighbor this time, I drove straight to the auto parts store where I purchased a new battery. And the car ran great!


Do you ever feel your spiritual life is like that car battery – weak at best, and dead when a difficult situation presents itself? If so, how would you like to have the resilience of a brand new battery instead? When challenges and problems, which are sure to come your way, do, they may slow you down a bit but they won’t stop you dead in your tracks.

The secret is to be plugged into the power source, which of course is God. It’s not rocket science to understand this, but it does take wisdom – the wisdom to realize that without the Almighty we are nothing. The Lord is the ultimate power source from which springs all that is good. God is the one who can infuse us with strength to meet daily challenges, as well as, to resist temptation. Solomon once said that the respect of the Lord is the beginning of all knowledge. But to stay connected to the Creator is the source of power.

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