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One time, I was called to pray for a patient in the hospital. This man was experiencing a rather severe intestinal problem, so as I entered his room, I expected him to ask for a prayer of healing. Instead, I was surprised when the individual said he wanted to thank God for giving him a second chance! Rather than bemoaning his condition, he recognized that it could have been worse. He saw that God was giving him this opportunity to make some needed changes in his diet. And, for this, he was grateful.

Each day we can choose our focus. We can count our blessings, or our problems. We all have problems we can zero in on. But we all have blessings, as well. Focusing on our problems breeds negativity, sour attitudes and depression, while focusing on our blessings engenders thankfulness, gratitude and contentment.

Mountains of Blessings

Perhaps you feel you have received a disproportionate share of problems to cope with. It is true that life is not always fair. Some people do have a lot more hardship and suffering than others. But it is also true that most of us receive a mountain of blessings each day, as well. Living in an affluent culture, we often take them for granted, and we neglect to acknowledge the giver of these gifts, who is God.

Try thanking the Creator for your blessings on a daily basis. You will be surprised what a difference an attitude of gratitude will make in your life! Here is a partial list of blessings to get you started: life, health, strength, hearing, sight, smell, the ability to walk and talk; food, clothing, homes, cars, education, jobs, a free country; family, friends, animals, pets, birds, trees, flowers, oceans, hills, sunshine, good weather, fresh air, water; God, Jesus and salvation.

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