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On Bread Alone
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Have you ever missed a meal? Of course you have! So, you know that when you do, your body will generally signal you that it wants food. Hunger pangs, growling stomach, weak and shaky legs or light-headedness can be some of the symptoms you experience.

But if you choose to ignore these signs, they will eventually go away. It’s almost as if your stomach gives up after a while and stops bugging you. In fact, if you don’t eat all day long, the next day you will receive very little objection from your stomach. It shrinks down in size and kind of resigns itself to the fact that regular meals are out of the picture right now, for some reason.

After two or three days without eating, you may feel a little light-headed but generally you won’t be very hungry. Your mind will tell you that you should eat but your stomach will be taking a little R & R, and usually won’t bother you much.

Spiritual Hunger

Did you know that spiritual hunger works the same way? Set aside a time each day with God, talking to the Creator, or reading the Bible and you will definitely feel “hungry” if you “miss a meal.” You really won’t feel good until you “fuel up.” But let an entire day pass without spending time with the Lord and you will start to drift away. Let two or three days elapse and it will begin to feel normal to neglect God. It will become harder and harder to hear the Almighty One calling you to the table.

While periodic fasting is good for the body, starvation is not – primarily because it leads to death. Likewise, lack of spiritual food leads to starvation as well, and eventually to spiritual death. When a lost person is rescued from the wilderness where he or she has had nothing to eat for two weeks, they can only tolerate very small portions of broth and simple foods to begin with. Gradually, they can handle larger portions and more complex food.

If you’ve been lost in the wilderness, starving spiritually, begin by feeding yourself with small portions of nourishment each day. Gradually increase the time you spend talking with God and reading the word, and you will soon become spiritually healthy and strong.

Jesus said, “Man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of God” (Matthew 4:4).

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