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I once read a story about a music therapist named Ken Medema. As a pianist, Ken’s concerts draw large crowds and standing ovations. According to the article, his music inspires people of all faiths.

But even more inspiring than his music is his attitude. You see, Ken has been blind since birth. Yet, he doesn’t consider this a hardship; instead he counts it as a blessing. At one concert held in Manila, Philippines, he even announced that he would not wish that his life were any other way. Can you imagine that? This man who has never had his sight does not wish he had it! He is content with his life just the way it is. What an amazing story!

To be content is a quality as rare as diamonds. And, it’s easy to see why. Advertising which cries out to us from the pages of slick magazines, freeway billboards, T.V. commercials, and even the Internet, disturbs whatever contentment we do possess, creating within us a sense of dissatisfaction, stirring inside a desire for more. We are continually prodded to buy something newer, bigger, better or faster than what we already have. No matter if what we own still works and is in good shape. It is very difficult to remain content amidst this subtle barrage.

Genuine Contentment

But contrary to the underlying message communicated by the images that tempt us to buy more, contentment does not come from the acquisition of material goods. While possessions do give pleasure for a season (albeit sometimes a very short season) genuine contentment is found first and foremost in relationships, with God and with people.

The apostle Paul demonstrated a surprising grasp of this concept when he announced in Phillippians 4:11 that he had learned in whatever state he was in to be content. For a man who owned very little and had been shipwrecked, beaten and imprisoned more than once, this was an amazing statement. Paul’s disposition, his attitude of peace and satisfaction, was unaffected by the ebb and flow of the circumstances of his life. His contentment came through his relationship with God and Christ. Like Paul, we too can experience the peace that passes all understanding, in every circumstance with whatever we have, and with whatever we lack, through a growing relationship with the Lord.

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