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High Tech Faith?
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You might not know this, but the Philippines is the text-message capital of the world. First of all, everyone has a cell phone in the Philippines . . . they are more ubiquitous than flies on the Fourth of July. Even the poorest of people have cell phones and they are constantly using them.

But because of limited resources, most of the people cannot use their phones for talking, that is way too expensive. So they end up text-messaging one another. . . . constantly. It is very common to see people waiting or walking, feverishly punching in their messages with some elaborate code and sending them off to all their buddies.

Text-messaging has even hit the Catholic church in the Philippines. It seems that instead of going to the priest in church to confess their sins, many Filipinos have found a new and more time effective way to confess their sins. They text-message their sins to the priest! The priest then sends the absolution back with the appropriate penance. While it is convenient, the church is horrified and has issued a stern edict to stop the practice.

While we might chuckle a little bit at this convenience store approach to religion, I am wondering how many of us are "text-message Christians?" Do we try to squeeze religion into our lives in order to meet the minimum daily requirement or do we fit our lives around God and seek Him fresh everyday with a personal devotion that is sincere and heart felt?

I am glad that God is not a text-messaging or DVD-type of God. He didn't just punch in a few letters and hit the send button. Like Hallmark cards, He sent the very best. Jesus promised that when two or three are gathered together in His name, He would be in their midst (Matthew 18:20). Let us then gather together and realize the promise of His presence. 

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